UPDATE: Winter hours

Hello everyone--

Effective Feb 1, 2021, we are open limited winter hours for browsing Feb-Apr. 

We are now open Weds/Fri/Sat, 12:00-4:00.  Facemasks are required, worn properly over nose and mouth.  Hand sanitizing is required.  Up to 5 people can be in the store at a time, which allows everyone plenty of square footage to themselves. 

Additionally, I invested in two large-capacity air purifiers with HEPA filters to scrub the air since the old building we're in doesn't have an HVAC system, and we run those all day long.

We continue to offer local pickup and mail order for those who want to avoid as much contact as possible.

In May we will readjust our hours again as nice weather returns.  :)  Hopefully I'll be caught up on a bunch of work I have to do in the shop by then!

I would like to thank everyone for being cooperative, supportive, patient and respectful through this tough time.  Working together, we've been able to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy, and to escape into the stacks for a little bit of dreaming.  Rotten apples have been few and far between, and get weeded out. 

Thank you, all you wonderful customers and book lovers!  I couldn't have gotten through 2020 without you.  Here's to better days ahead!  :D

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