Shipping/Ordering FAQ

SHIPPING EXCEPTION NOTE:  Mail orders placed 8/17-8/23 will be shipped on Weds 8/24.

Local pickup:  Make sure to specify "Pick up" when you get to the shipping part of the checkout.  There is no charge for this service.  :) 

If you're trying to avoid unnecessary in-store contact, or just in a hurry and want to prepay for an item so you can grab it and go, this is a great option.

We'll send you an email to ask you when you'd like to pick up the book.  In most cases, books are ready for pickup almost immediately during our open hours.

Mail orderFor US customers, we recommend selecting Media Mail if you are not in a rush to receive your books by a specific date.  It is drastically more affordable than Priority Mail, and based on weight only, not distance.  However, if you have a deadline, and need a better idea of arrival date, Priority Mail is your best option.  Priority Mail is calculated based on both weight and distance.

International shipping has just been added to the site for our non-US customers who haven't been able to order from us before.

Packing:  We pack your books carefully!  We know what they're likely to go through on their journey to your doorstep, so we don't mess around.  Everything is packed in a best effort to ensure your books get to you in the same nice condition in which they left our shop.  None of that "chuck it in a plastic sleeve and hope for the best" method that you see from a lot of online shippers.  Yikes!

Shipping fulfillment:  We pack and ship on the following morning in most cases, for orders placed Weds-Fri.  Those orders placed after closing on Friday and through the beginning of the week (Mon/Tues) will go out Weds in most cases.  :)