UPDATE: Summer Hours and new changes to guidelines

hours update

Hi everyone!

We are now open Weds-Sun 12:00-4:00, and will be adding new days/hours in July -- stay tuned!

We've been keeping an eye on the numbers, and Maine's Covid cases are staying nice and low, while the vaccination numbers are at a healthy level.  With that in mind, effective Saturday June 26, 2021, we are finally taking the plunge and now will only require masks if you are unvaccinated.  Just in time for the really hot weather! 
Of course, anyone uncomfortable without the protection of a mask is welcome to wear theirs regardless.  We have fans going, the door open, and two air purifiers running, but we understand that for many, that extra layer of safety is important.  Carry on! 
We continue to offer mail order and pickup at the door for those being extra safe. 
Be well, everyone!!  :)

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