Videos etc - What's the Green Hand Bookshop all about?

You can find a number of little videos on our YouTube Channel!  Some of them are about the shop in general, and some are about my favorite genres: mystery, horror, and SF/Fantasy.  Enjoy!  :)

Plus there are some videos from when we had more space in the shop and would occasionally have live music and/or art shows on First Friday.  Those days are gone (too many bookcases now!) but they were awfully fun while they lasted.  :)

Here are The Watchers playing at our 1-year anniversary party in November 2010:

...and again, The Watchers playing at the First Friday Artwalk opening at a Lovecraftian artshow featuring Brandon Kawashima, and myself, Michelle Souliere:

Doctor Gasp and the Eeks! playing She-Vampire Tamer:

Doctor Gasp and the Eeks!  Live and with a very giddy audience:

...and last but not least, Dan Knudsen playing live here that same evening:

If you find videos annoying and would prefer to read about us, you will find an assortment of old posts on our blog here:

And most recently, an excellent little writeup by Sharon Kitchens, including interview questions with me and our tandem book recommendations for spooky season reading!

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