IMPORTANT notice re: special orders, website, and bookbuying

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First of all, thank you all for your help in getting the cooling system installed here in the shop.  It took months, and much hoop-jumping, and back-and-forth between myself, the contractor, the landlord, and the City of Portland, but it finally happened!  Thank you all for helping that become a reality.  What a relief!  Please stop in when you can, and enjoy the cool comfort of a non-humid, refreshing shop.

But of course nothing stands still, and unexpected things happen.  I have to go in for some major surgery before the end of August, so that is going to mean a few things will temporarily change.  After my initial recovery period, there will be another month or so when I cannot lift anything substantial.  Irony of ironies, for someone who spends all day, every day, lifting boxes and stacks of books.  :(  So that will be going on until mid-October.  With that in mind:

1)  Bookbuying/trading (which is currently limited and only done by appointment) will be put on hold until at least late October.

2)  The website will remain open so you can see what we carry for new items before coming in, but there will be a hiatus in processing orders, so we recommend you simply call or come into the shop if you would normally do a pickup order.  We will not be pulling/shipping orders on a normal timeframe until after Sept 15.  This means any mail orders placed on the website after Aug 19th will be shipped after that date.

3)  Special orders are on hold effective immediately.  We will resume taking special orders after mid-September.  We recommend buying through our link at if you'd like to help out while avoiding giving money to Amazon!

Please do continue to come into the shop to support us - there is no shortage of amazing and wonderful books to peruse.  Our hours remain the same (closed Mon, open Tues-Sat 11:00-5:00, and Sun 12:00-4:00).  

All your support will be hugely helpful.  It's been an expensive and painful summer.  I haven't had a vacation since 2019, and I'm certainly not getting one this year.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we hit the pause button on a few things!

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