Other Green Hand thingamajigs

Hi folks!

Most of the blog posts on the website are information (updates, etc), but did you know there are other places besides our Facebook page and Instagram account to catch up with us?

I post some ramblings elsewhere online, so if you'd like to explore them, please enjoy!

The Mystery Detection Club blog -- written with fellow author Sharon Kitchens, this blog is all about MYSTERY BOOKS!  Recommendations, ponderings, TBR piles, and more.  https://mysterydetectionclub.blogspot.com/

The Green Hand blog -- until the pandemic, the only website the shop had was my blog, can you believe it?  How things have changed!  But I still do my book-related posting and ponderings there... http://greenhandbooks.blogspot.com/

The Strange Maine blog -- have you ever been in the shop and heard me discussing bizarre Maine history, Maine Bigfoot sightings, and other funky Maine matters?  This is the blog that started it all, waaaaay back in 2005.  It's less active now, but there are a tremendous number of resources there to peruse that have built up over the years that can lead you down a million rabbitholes.  I also use it to update folks on my current Strange Maine research!  http://strangemaine.blogspot.com/

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