Wildflowers of Maine Islands by Glen Mittelhauser
University of Maine Press

Wildflowers of Maine Islands by Glen Mittelhauser

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Glen H. Mittelhauser’s Wildflowers of Maine Islands is an identification guide to all the wildflowers on islands along the coast of Maine from Muscongus Bay (situated in Maine’s mid-coast) east to the Canadian border (Knox, Waldo, Hancock, and Washington counties). This portion of the Maine coast and the adjacent islands are heavily influenced by the cool marine environment that, coupled with the geomorphic characteristics of the region, has produced unique assemblages of plants that often differ significantly from those in the southwestern half of the Maine coast. Tempered by the cold Labrador Current and dotted with hundreds of islands, this easternmost portion of the continental United States fosters arctic species, threatened and endangered species, rare community types, and a diversity of habitats not found elsewhere in Maine.

The species in this guide are grouped into sections that are based on features of leaves and flowers that are easily identifiable in the field. Within each section, plants are arranged alphabetically by their scientific name. By this arrangement, species that look similar are usually in the same section and often on the same page. With a little practice, the identification of plants will become straightforward and enjoyable.

392 pages, with an informative introductory section, scientific descriptions, a helpful glossary, a complete index, and many photographs