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Where All Good Flappers Go : Essential Stories of the Jazz Age by David M. Earle

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Petite trade paperback.

A sparkling new collection of "flapper fiction" stories featuring the iconic women who defined the Jazz Age

Edited and introduced by David M. Earle

Vivacious, charming, irreverent, the flapper is a girl who knows how to have a roaring good time.

In this collection of short stories, she's a partygoer, a socialite, a student, a shopgirl, and an acrobat. She bobs her hair, shortens her skirt, searches for a husband and scandalises her mother. She's a glittering object of delight, and a woman embracing a newfound independence.

Bringing together stories from widely adored writers and newly discovered gems, principally sourced from the magazines of the period, this collection is a celebration of the outrageous charm of an iconic figure of the Jazz Age.

This fabulous collection includes:

  • Zelda Fitzgerald "What Became of the Flapper"
  • Dana Ames "The Clever Little Fool"
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald "Bernice Bobs her Hair"
  • Rudolph Fisher "Common Meter"
  • John Watts "Something For Nothing"
  • Dorothy Parker "The Mantle of Whistler"
  • Katherine Brush "Night Club"
  • Gertrude Schalk "The Chicago Kid"
  • Dawn Powell "Not the Marrying Kind"
  • Vina Delmar "Thou Shalt Not Killjoy"
  • Guy Gilpatric "The Bride of Ballyhoo"
  • Anita Loos "Why Girls Go South"
  • Zora Neale Hurston "Monkey Junk"

"I believe in the flapper as an artist in her particular field, the art of being - being young, being lovely." -- Zelda Fitzgerald