Trolls by Stefan Spjut
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Trolls by Stefan Spjut

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Trade paperback format.  Excited to read this one, his first book was great.

Let the Right One In meets The Passage, in this creepy new Scandi horror, from the author of The Shapeshifters (aka Stallo), which was hailed as "fantastic" by Karl Ove Knausgård.

What if our forests are inhabited by beings we do not understand, creatures neither animal nor human, living there in the shadows . . .

In Stefan Spjut's TROLLS an uncannily large wolf escapes its captors. A mysterious cult leader breaks out of psychiatric care. A disillusioned woman is forced to end her self-imposed exile.

TROLLS is a thriller, it is horror fiction, it is suspense. It is storytelling that feeds on fairy tales, myths, and our deepest folklores. Set ten years on from hit novel Shapeshifters, it revisits the far-north world of Susso Myrén, whose life once again risks being turned inside out.