Tribal Screams by Owl Goingback
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Tribal Screams by Owl Goingback

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Trade Paperback.

Tribal Screams is a compelling collection of fantasy and horror stories by Owl Goingback, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of 'Crota', Evil Whispers', 'Darker Than Night' and numerous other novels.Gathered together for the very first time, these often hard to find tales include "Grass Dancer," a Nebula Award Nominee for best short story of the year.The collection includes the first four chapters of the forthcoming novel "Coyote Rage," the first book in a trilogy featuring shape-shifters, talking animals, giants, Little People and a horde of other critters and people from Native American history and folklore.

Cover art by Michael Broom.

"Owl Goingback is a writer of great skill. I love his work. This isa wonderful collection of stories that will set all of us to thinking."- George A. Romero, legendary horror director, 'Night of the Living Dead'

"Owl Goingback is a hell of a writer."- Neil Gaiman, bestselling author of 'American Gods'