The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories - Vol. 4
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The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories - Vol. 4

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Trade paperback format.

The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories
Volume Four
​Edited by James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle

Since 2005, Valancourt Books has unearthed and republished almost 500 lost and neglected works from the 1760s through the 2000s, and now for this long-awaited fourth volume of the acclaimed Valancourt Book of Horror Stories series, the editors of Valancourt Books are proud to present 15 more great horror tales — all by Valancourt authors — from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. This volume features five brand new stories that have never appeared elsewhere, two rare foreign stories translated to English for the first time, and eight more scarce and seldom-seen tales.

The stories in this volume will take you inside the vivid dreams of a woman who can kill in her sleep; to the set of a reality show where contestants may be transformed into specimens of beauty—or into freak show monsters; to a hotel where guests are besieged by a powerful hurricane—and by something even more terrible and deadly. You will read of the bizarre and macabre adventures of a man seeking a skeleton in 1960s London as a gift for his medical student cousin—and his quest's shocking outcome. You will learn how a simple grammar mistake can lead to a terrible and untimely end for a traveler in Venice. 

These are strange, sinister, and scary stories, by turns suspenseful, horrific, and darkly humorous.  Featuring a lineup of rarely reprinted classic tales together with new stories destined to become future classics, this collection is a horror anthology like no other.

 Table of Contents

The Family at Fenhouse (1860) by Eliza Lynn Linton
The Gentleman from America (1924) by Michael Arlen
The Coffin Procession (1925; trans. 2020) by Felix Timmermans
Time-Fuse (1931) by John Metcalfe
The Fury (1936) by Robert M. Coates
Rain and Gaslight (1945; trans. 2020) by Hubert Lampo
Remember Your Grammar (1974) by Simon Raven

A Scent of Mimosa (1975) by Francis King
The Other Room (1982) by Lisa Tuttle
'Happy Birthday, Dear Alex' (1965) by John Keir Cross
Vivid Dreams (2020) by Elizabeth Engstrom
Let's Make a Face (2020) by John Peyton Cooke
Conversations with the Departed (2020) by Steve Rasnic Tem
Rain (2020) by Garrett Boatman
The Poet Lewis Bowden Has Died (2020) by Stephen Gregory