The Tassajara Bread Book by Edward Espe Brown
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The Tassajara Bread Book by Edward Espe Brown

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Trade paperback format.  Recommended by our readers!

The classic bread making bible, a favorite among renowned chefs and novice bakers alike, now updated for a new generation

First published in 1970, this indispensable bread making guide is the perfect book for new bakers building their skills or for those looking to expand their repertoire. In this deluxe edition, the same gentle, clear instructions and wonderful recipes created by the then-head cook at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California are now presented in a new paperback format with an updated interior design.

Edward Espe Brown’s easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of yeasted breads, sourdough breads, quick breads, pastries, and desserts will teach you about the baking process and turn you into a bread making expert.
“I consider The Tassajara Bread Book to have been a major influence not just on my cooking and baking, but on my attitude and philosophy about food in general.”—Mollie Katzen, author of Moosewood Cookbook

“This little book has long been a guide for those who want to bake but don’t know where to begin.”—Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

“I feel a special fondness for this book, which helped launch me on my way to baking bread.”—Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything

“Like thousands of cooks of my generation, I have in my kitchen an ancient volume of The Tassajara Bread Book, its cover gritty with flour, its spine cracked from use, its pages stained with molasses, and dog-eared with decades of perusal.”—Steve Raichlen, author of The Barbeque Bible