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The Problem of the Wire Cage : A Gideon Fell Mystery by John Dickson Carr

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Trade Paperback.

John Dickson Carr is famous for his puzzling "impossible crime" plots in which corpses are discovered in scenarios that seem to lack any logical explanation. Among all of Carr's ingenious crime scenes, the present case is one of the best known: a dead man is found strangled in the middle of a clay tennis court just after a storm. In the damp dirt, there is one set of footsteps--his own--leading back to the grass; the court is otherwise untouched.

It seems like a case of sudden death but, in order to find who's at fault, the authorities must first solve the mystery of the body's puzzling position. The bafflement has reached a harried volley by the time ace amateur sleuth Dr. Gideon Fell gets involved, bringing to the case a wit capable of cutting through the racket and discovering the truth. With brilliant deductive reasoning and plenty of humor, Fell untethers a confounding set of clues in search of a diabolical killer and a bizarre murder method, serving up a dazzling stroke of genius to expose whodunit.

Reissued for the first time this century, The Problem of the Wire Cage is an atmospheric and amusing Golden Age mystery with a memorable puzzle at its center, perfect for both long-time fans and first-time readers of John Dickson Carr.

Introduction by Rian Johnson