The Paris Review #246 : Winter 2023
Paris Review

The Paris Review #246 : Winter 2023

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Trade paperback.  Hot off the press!!  Prose, poetry, art and interviews to make your brain sing.

Louise Glück on the Art of Poetry: “You want a poem to register in every mind the way it did in yours. Then you discover this never happens.”
Yu Hua on the Art of Fiction: “If I’d taken another two or three years to start writing, I’d still be a dentist.”

Prose by Ananda Devi, Fiona McFarlane, and Sean Thor Conroe.

Poetry by Harryette Mullen, Alice Notley, and Farid Matuk.

Art by Marcius Galan and Claudia Keep, and cover by Sarah Charlesworth.


Table of Contents     


Ananda Devi -- Ice Blue

Madeline ffitch -- Stump of the World

Fiona McFarlane -- Hostess

Jamie Quatro -- Two Men, Mary

Tony Tulathimutte -- Ahegao    


Yu Hua -- The Art of Fiction No. 261

Louise Glück -- The Art of Poetry No. 115


Angela Ball -- Hares

Nadja Küchenmeister -- feathers and planets

Nadja Küchenmeister -- black laundry

Zheng Xiaoqiong -- Water Becomes Water

Dorothea Lasky -- Mother

Farid Matuk -- Crease

Harryette Mullen -- Dark Pattern

Alice Notley -- The Answer Is Awe

Callie Siskel -- Narcissus

Callie Siskel -- Echo

Callie Siskel -- The Concept of Immediacy


Sarah Charlesworth -- Issue No. 246

Cover Art

Marcius Galan -- Compositions        

Claudia Keep -- Interiors


Sean Thor Conroe -- The Walk Book