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The Nightwalker by Thomas Tessier

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Trade Paperback.

Bobby Ives doesn't mean to kill. When his first victim ends up beneath the wheels of a London city bus, he almost succeeds in convincing himself it was an accident. Until the day he sees the jogger and a strange and uncontrollable sensation begins to course through his limbs. An animalistic urge to run, to chase, to hunt ... and to kill. Soon the city is gripped by a reign of terror, and night after night the beast will silently stalk the streets, its bloody jaws and tearing claws leaving only death in its wake.

Thomas Tessier's novel The Nightwalker (1979) is a contemporary horror classic and is recognized as one of the finest werewolf novels ever published. This new edition includes an afterword by the author.

'The Nightwalker is very likely the most unusual occult novel I have ever read, and not just because of its unusual excellence.... I think it will be read for a long time.'-Peter Straub

'I've been telling people for years that the werewolf novel is the toughest of the "classic" monster stories to do, but Tessier pulls it off with considerable panache. The Nightwalker is very good indeed, scary, grim, and fast-paced.'-Stephen King