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The Mongolian Death Worm : On the Hunt in the Gobi Desert : Or, How I Found the Worst Bathroom on Earth and Learned to Love Cheese Flavored Vodka by Pat Spain

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Trade Paperback.  One of my favorite cryptozoologists!

Pat Spain is not a very good dancer. Nor is he a person used to wearing bikini briefs, or wrestling in front of hundreds of nomads and an international TV audience. He is certainly not a person you would expect to find wearing said bikini briefs while dancing in front of said audience, but here we are: On the Hunt in the Gobi Desert.

Pat and a National Geographic film crew are searching for the truth behind stories of the Mongolian Death Worm, and to crack this legend Pat will have to wrestle a giant while risking indecent exposure, brave the worlds' most disgusting long-drop bathroom, eat and drink toxic 'delicacies', wrangle a very jumpy electric eel and testy spitting cobra, avoid the temptation to smuggle archeological artifacts and deal with bed-bug and camel-tick infestations while they traverse the least densely populated country in the world, Mongolia.