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Commissaire Georges Dupin #7: The King Arthur Case by Jean-Luc Bannalec

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Trade Paperback.  Recommended!

Mysterious, ingenious, and suspenseful: Dupin's seventh case takes him and his team into the very heart of Brittany in The King Arthur Case.

The forest of Broceliande, with its picturesque lakes and castles, is the last remnant of the fairy kingdom, if Breton lore is to be believed. Innumerable legends spanning thousands of years are set here, including the tale of King Arthur and his Round Table.

It seems to be an appropriate destination for Commissaire Georges Dupin and his team to take a late summer field trip. But when the body of a scholar turns up, in the days leading up to an annual conference on the latest developments in Arthurian research, Dupin is called upon to investigate the brutal murder case. Before too long, the body count grows. What new knowledge did the victims and their colleagues have about this fabled wood? And why is no one willing to talk? Even Nolwenn, Dupin's unshakeable assistant, is concerned. And that means trouble.

"Another tense puzzle from Bannalec, with the Breton landscape once more the star of the show." --Kirkus Reviews