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Lethe Press

The Helios Syndrome by Vivian Shaw

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Petite trade paperback format.  Highly recommended!!

This is one of those tiny books that packs a good punch.  Steve Berman (who runs Lethe Press) sent me an advance copy month ago, and once I started it I DEVOURED it.  Let's hope Vivian Shaw writes more with this character, because it was terrific, both for the characters and for the wildly wonderful and weird twist of the main character's job in an otherwise "ordinary" world of today.

"Imagine a techno-thriller by Michael Crichton with a paranormal twist. Nail-biting suspense keeps the pages turning in this highly original and entertaining horror novella." - David Swatling, Lambda Literary Award finalist

When Devin Stacy, a freelance necromancer, though the National Transportation Safety Board considers him an insightful contingency communication specialist, investigates a plane gone missing under weird circumstances, he finds himself haunted by a dead pilot. Can Stacy figure out the mysteries of both the ghost and disappearance before another flight full of passengers faces peril? Vivian Shaw's new novella offers thrills and chills, cinematic and necromantic.

Cover art by Ocean Salazar

Cover and interior design by Ryan Vance

Paperback, 142 pages