The Great God Pan & Other Horror Stories by Arthur Machen (Oxford)

The Great God Pan & Other Horror Stories by Arthur Machen (Oxford)

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Something pushed out from the body there on the floor, and stretched forth a slimy, wavering tentacle...

Perhaps no figure better embodies the transition from the Gothic tradition to modern horror than Arthur Machen. In the final decade of the nineteenth century, the Welsh writer produced a seminal body of tales of occult horror, spiritual and physical corruption, and malignant survivals from the primeval past which horrified and scandalised-late-Victorian readers. Machen's "weird fiction" has influenced generations of storytellers, from H. P. Lovecraft to Guillermo Del Toro-and it remains no less unsettling today.

This new collection, which includes the complete novel The Three Impostors as well as such celebrated tales as The Great God Pan and The White People, constitutes the most comprehensive critical edition of Machen yet to appear. In addition to the core late-Victorian horror classics, a selection of lesser-known prose poems and later tales helps to present a fuller picture of the development of Machen's weird vision. The edition's introduction and notes contextualise the life and work of this foundational figure in the history of horror.

The Lost Club (1890)
The Great God Pan (1894)
The Inmost Light (1894)
The Three Impostors; or, the Transmutations (1895)
The Shining Pyramid (1895)
The Red Hand (1895)
From Ornaments in Jade (1897, 1924)
Psychology, or, Fragments of Paper
The Rose Garden
The Ceremony
The Turanians
The White People (1899)
The Bowmen (1914)
Out of the Earth (1915)
The Coming of the Terror (1917)
The Islington Mystery (1927)
N (1935)
The Children of the Pool (1936)
Ritual (1937)
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