The Final Women by Pardeep Aujla
Independently Published

The Final Women by Pardeep Aujla

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Trade paperback.  A fun summer read for those who always wonder what goes on between the sequels... packed with all the references you could wish for. 

The mass murdering Phantom of Haven Cove is dead. For the one who killed him, however, life has never been the same.

How do you return to normality after facing such a monster? How do you live when consumed by guilt, anger, fear, and denial? How do you connect with others when no one understands what you’ve been through?

But there
are others. Final Girls of their own Haven Cove massacres. And now, thirty years later, they must all face a new question...

What do you do when the killer returns?
About the author:  Pardeep Aujla is an award-winning screenwriter, and narrative writer for video games, based in the UK.
Great cover art by his brother, Hardeep!
Excerpt from an interview Aujla did with Remastered Words (you can read the full interview here:

How long have you been writing for and what first got you interested in the art?

I’ve always enjoyed stories in their various forms. From novels to films to comics and video games. I’d often watch or read something and then think, What if the story went left here instead of right? Or if you swapped this character with a sentient wedge of brie? And so around the time I was at uni, some ten or so years ago, I started to have a go at writing my own, and quickly learned that a protagonist made of soft cheese generally confused people.

What memorable stories have you read that prompted you to continue writing?

There’ve been many memorable stories, too many to mention. The thing that’s really kept me writing though is simply a love of writing. I’ve heard a lot of writers say that they don’t enjoy writing but like having written. Sure it can be stressful and there’s doubt and all the rest of it, but for me every part of the process is fun. If I didn’t enjoy writing for the sake of writing I’d have packed it in after my first rejection (I’ve since accrued many more) and moved on to something else.

Tell us about what inspired you to write this winning piece?

I wanted to write a story in which the hero isn’t the person you think it would or even should be. This isn’t a traditional hero, this character is the type of slimy dreg the traditional hero would likely cut down in some sketchy tavern early in their adventure without a second thought. I suppose I wanted to show that even a despicable, flopping dingus of a human being can step up when needed.