The Celestial Dragon I Ching by Neyma Jahan - hardcvr

The Celestial Dragon I Ching by Neyma Jahan - hardcvr

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Hardcover.  A Unique Version of the Chinese Oracle for Making Decisions & Discovering Your Destiny...

First The Sky Opened--Then The Celestial Dragon Was Born. Each aspect of this wonderfully appealing new I Ching is characterized by a readily identifiable symbol. We encounter the Dragon, the Cave, the Mirror, the Path, the Stranger and the Piper--to name just a few of the definitive 64 Hexagrams, each with its own evocative narrative, signposting our destiny. This elegant I Ching evokes the mystery and majesty of ancient China while serving as an enjoyable and illuminating tool for practical self-discovery and decision-making in the modern world through its profound insights that have withstood the test of time.

Though grounded in tradition, The Celestial Dragon I Ching departs from the original text in being thoroughly coherent and consistent in its imagery. More than 5,000 years old, the I Ching is a collection of divinatory wisdom that encapsulates the whole of human experience. In China the system was used by Kings, Emperors and Sages who would throw yarrow sticks or read cracks in tortoise shells. These days it is more practical to throw coins and consult the I Ching to divine the outcome.