The Bog Walker's Companion - hardcvr
University of Maine Press

The Bog Walker's Companion - hardcvr

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Hardcover format.  Edited by Jerry R. Longcore, James E. Bird, & Robert Klose. Preface by Bernd Heinrich

"Boreal bogs invoke wonder and appreciation. Unfortunately, few people have physical access to them. Bogs are isolated, little-known habitats that most people stay away from because of their lack of easy accessibility or any reason to visit them. This book will inspire you and open possibilities about visiting a boreal bog, and not just the Orono Bog, a section of the larger Caribou Bog complex—where the Orono Bog Boardwalk is located. With the information provided here about what such bogs are, their formation from glacial lakes and transition to forests, and their content of plants and animal life, this book's relevance is not restricted to the Caribou Bog, but by implication to all boreal bogs. It will bring you back to the ending of the last Ice Age, when the glaciers retreated, leaving eskers, kettle holes, and the plants that we now find there. The bog peat is still trapping atmospheric carbon dioxide and holding the carbon because decay is slowed by lack of oxygen, low temperature, and acidity. The accumulating mat of dead vegetation became the peat platform upon which we can now observe a community of plants and animals found nowhere else." – from the Preface by Bernd Heinrich

Hardcover, with color dust jacket. Page size: 7" x 10"
166 pages, with 20 color plates