The Black Poets ed by Dudley Randall

The Black Poets ed by Dudley Randall

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Mass market paperback format.  A tremendous collection of Black voices, this anthology has been almost continuously in print since its first release in 1971, and remains painfully, lovingly relevant in today's world.

"The claim of The Black Poets to being… an anthology is that it presents the full range of Black-American poetry, from the slave songs to the present day. It is important that folk poetry be included because it is the root and inspiration of later, literary poetry.
Not only does this book present the full range  of Black poetry, but it presents most poets in depth, and in some cases presents aspects of a poet neglected or overlooked before. Gwendolyn Brooks is represented not only by poems on racial and domestic themes, but is revealed as a writer of superb love lyrics.
Turning away from White models and retuming to their roots has freed Black poets to create a new poetry. This book records their progress."–from the Introduction by Dudley Randall