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Tales of the Mekong Delta Bluesman - an Authobiography by Son Vo - tpbk

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Trade Paperback.  Signed by the author!  Son grew up in Maine and lived in Portland before heading out to the West Coast as the music scene there called to him.

Son Vo is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who feels at home in a multitude of musical worlds: rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, reggae, and beyond. He embraces catchy melodies, surprising harmonic twists, rock 'n' roll swagger, acoustic intimacy, and theatrical elements with equal openness in his songwriting.

Born in Saigon, Vo escaped Vietnam two weeks before it fell, came to America as a child, and was raised in Harrison, Maine. He started with piano lessons early, and by his mid-20's he had learned drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. After performing with different bands on the east coast, Vo moved to Venice, CA, where he became a key figure of the LA jam band scene, performing thousands of shows with Mother Jones, Freshly Baked, and as a sideman.

Today, Vo is a solo artist who's exploring the frontier of the studio, recording all the instruments and vocals by himself. A great introduction to Son Vo's adventurous musical universe is the funky “Silver-footed Queen,” which slithers through breaks, changes, and epic jams, framed by a catchy intro and outro that would make a perfect theme for a late-night TV show. For an artist who learned about creative possibilities through The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Police, and Frank Zappa, it's an exciting synthesis that captures Vo's vision well.