Tales from the Hayloft by James E. Harris - signed!

Tales from the Hayloft by James E. Harris - signed!

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Trade paperback format.  Highly recommended!  Signed by the author.

Tales from the Hayloft vividly relate a young boy's fears of being bombed on a small Southern Maine farm at the end of WWII, or burnt out during the Great Fire of 1947. But fear makes way for wonder and the tales branch out to stories of flying bulls, tractor accidents, salty Maine characters, puppy love, false reverends, stranded airplanes, and too many brushes with fate. Generous in spirit and detail, this collection is one you'll return to again and again.

Our review:

Like many of the best books, Tales from the Hayloft by James E. Harris is a slender volume.  Within its pages, Jim's voice introduces readers to his hometown of Dayton, Maine, explored outward from the dairy farm where he grew up.  In his typical wry fashion, he details the daily quirks, labors, and adventures entailed by smalltown Maine life.

Tales from the Hayloft is an honest, straightforward, and captivating account of a way of life that has in many ways disappeared, a reminder of what we've had and lost, and how we still build upon it to continue life in Maine today.

I read this book in two sittings, and when I closed its covers at the end, I felt like I had spent time away in a place close by, but previously unseen.  As you read Jim's stories, may you find yourself with a welcome view of the clear and wonderful Maine landscape that remains around us still.