Stephen King Catalog 2024 Annual - The Mist ! - by David Hinchberger - hardcvr
Stephen King Catalog 2024 Annual - The Mist ! - by David Hinchberger - hardcvr
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Stephen King Catalog 2024 Annual - The Mist ! - by David Hinchberger - hardcvr

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Hardcover format, casebound pictorial laminate covers.  The latest installment in this infamous series, chock-a-block full of fascinating material and copiously illustrated.  Calendar section at back of volume is in weekly spreads (if you want to use it!).



Written, Edited, and Signed by Dave Hinchberger.

Cover and Interior art by Glenn Chadboure.

The Stephen King Annual, with Calendar!
Presents this years theme celebrating over forty years in print and over fifteen years on film of Stephen King's THE MIST! 

Featured Guests and Articles:

Dave Hinchberger’s Introduction “There’s Something in the Mist”

Award-winning artist Glenn Chadbourne’s original wrap-around cover exclusively made for this year’s Annual as well as original artwork featured throughout this 200 plus page full-color hardcover.

Bev Vincent’s The Mist: Interviews – Bev Vincent visited the set of The Mist when it was being filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2007. Here he gets up and personal with extensive interviews with some of the main actors in The Mist: Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Jones, and the lead actor, Thomas Jane.

Stephen Bissette is an artist and film enthusiast that is well respected in (but not limited too) the horror and science fiction film genres. His in-depth examination of The Mist film and story will be a treat for Stephen King fans and we are proud that he’s gracing our pages here with his unique critique.

Tyson Blue’s examination of the history of Stephen King’s story, The Mist. It had been written years before Stephen King eventually released in the Kirby McCauley’s original anthology, Dark Forces.

Stephen Spignesi brings us the latest uncollected Stephen King writings with The New Lost Work of Stephen King. He examines each piece along with where they were published.

Andrew Rausch interviews The Mist film storyboard artist, Pete VonSholly, who has worked in Hollywood for decades helping shape film scenes with his art.

Pete VonSholly shares with the world his previously unpublished story, “The Missed,” based on his working on The Mist film. He brings us an original story in comic book form that has a unique ending. Glad to premier it here in The Mist edition!

Dave Hinchberger’s “Views from the Mist” film set visit in 2007. The stories of a three-day visit watching the filming, visiting with the actors and crew, including Greg Nicotero (now of The Walking Dead fame). Sharing photos of sets, including the spooky story behind the King Pharmacy!

Dave Hinchberger’s “Won’t Anyone Help Me?” gives an in-depth look at actress Melissa McBride from the set of The Mist and from visiting her on The Walking Dead set over a decade later.

L.L. Soares overview from book to movie screen and TV screen, with every version released of The Mist. From fiction to media, he gives us an inside look to what he has discovered and what you can expect from these variations of Stephen King’s original story.

Kevin Quigley takes on a tour of The Mist 3-D audio that was released initially on 2 vinyl records, then a cassette and eventually on CD. The author delves into the history of this ground-breaking work that this dramatization brought The Mist to life in the 1980’s.

Dave Hinchberger’s The Mist movie visit with “A Tour Through the Mist, with Photos”

Noah Mitchel & Diana Petroff begin their first column for the Annual in this edition of unique Stephen King collectibles titled “Extreme King.” They will examine in-depth these unique releases and limited editions. Descriptions, pointing out special features, with photos and more. Noah and Diana are collectors extraordinaire and they will introduce you something special created exclusively for the Stephen King world of book collecting.

Anthony Northrup annual Dollar Baby Review will examine a current Stephen King Dollar Baby film in our editions. The 2024 edition he is highlighting “The Monkey” 2023 film with a review and interview with the filmmakers.

Bev Vincent’s annual write-up of Everything King – Current and upcoming releases in books, short fiction, non-fiction, movies, and TV series. His insight into the Stephen King world is informative and invaluable in every edition of the Annual.

Dave Hinchberger takes a look at “The making of Stephen King's The Mist Angelsoft Game” from the 1980’s. This unique release featured a map of the town, along with the text driven game that came on a floppy disc. This was over forty years ago so this will be an informative piece for most including photos and art from the set. Does anyone remember the “floppy disc”?

Dave Hinchberger’s annual calendar features fifty-two weeks of trivia and facts around each Annual’s theme. Get ready to be dazzled as you see what he pulls out of The Mist!

With trivia, quizzes, quotes, facts, and informative articles covering the graphic novel, films, and TV shows, featuring Stephen King, artists, director, actors, writers with quotes from many authors and artists over the years. You’ll enjoy the information and illustrations within for years to come.

2023 Overlook Connection Press. New / New. Color casebound hardcover. SKCDC