Spirits Unwrapped: Stories of Mummies, ed by Daniel Braum
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Spirits Unwrapped: Stories of Mummies, ed by Daniel Braum

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Trade paperback format.

Within these pages, the authors (ranging from the bestselling and award winning to exciting new comers in the beginning of their careers) have thrown off the crusty, dank, and old trapping to bring us stories from around the world that transcend what we might think of “the typical” mummy story. Only one of these tales is set in Egypt. These wrapped spirits are not back from the dead to find lost loves or enact revenge and neither are they merely shambling, slow moving, physical threats. Prepare to be frightened by what Braum has unwrapped!

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Daniel Braum

"The Unwrapping Party" by Joanna Parypinski

"Antiquities" by John Crowley

"Private Grave Nine" by Karen Joy Fowler

"Mummy Fever" by David Wellington

"The Mummy of Rue de la Croix" by Leanna Renee Hieber

"The Hand of Annie Jones" by Casilda Ferrante

"Fog Marsh" by Rudi Dornemann

"In the Ancestor's New House" by Marissa Lingen

"Leather Man's Holler" by Rhodi Hawk

"Their Silent Faces" by Michael Cisco

"Birthright" by Inna Effress

"Into Something Rich and Strange" by Thana Niveau

"Oscar Returns from the Dead, Prophesizing" by John Langan

"Flowers for Bitsy" by Lee Thomas