Sootypaws : A Cinderella Story by Maggie Rudy
Henry Holt & Company

Sootypaws : A Cinderella Story by Maggie Rudy

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Hardcover.    I ran across Maggie Rudy's delightful work on Instagram on her page @maggiemice - and was delighted to find she has made children's books about of some of her art!  Magical!!

With intricate dioramas, Maggie Rudy's Sootypaws: A Cinderella Story retells the classic fairy tale--with a modern twist

Sootypaws the mouse lives with her stepmother and sisters, who are rats in all senses of the word. But with a little help from her woodland friends, Sootypaws finds her way to the ball to meet her Prince--will they live mousily ever after?

Sootypaws features stunning hand-built diorama art, including hand-sewn outfits and an environment that is beautifully constructed and filled with charming details. Posed and photographed, these characters come to life!