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Satellites by Tom Pappalardo - tpbk

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Trade Paperback.

Nine speculative stories from Tom Pappalardo. In "Mind The Gap," a man falls through time up and down instead of back and forth. "Bygone" tells the story of a girl and her beloved robot exploring the abandoned state of Massachusetts. In "This Town," a half-hit wonder finds all the time he lost drinking in the '90s.

Career-minded cats, lethal landscapers, illegal sodas? Sure. A sleeping dog disrupts downtown, Death incarnate stops for a latte, a new dead friend at the old landfill? Yeah, why not. Full of humor, observation, and the innate grumpiness of a lifelong New Englander, these tales form an unforgettable collection from one of the most entertaining part-time writers part-time writing today.

"This author is bound to find an audience that has been waiting just for him." --Publishers Weekly

Praise for Broken Lines:

"A rollicking, careening adventure... Pappalardo has created a world, and a book, unlike any other." --Foreword Reviews

"An engaging, gonzo novel with a large dose of silliness..." --Bleeding Cool

"A Douglas Adams-inspired road trip..." --Tulsa Book Review


Praise for One More Cup Of Coffee:

"Hilarious shorts... a consistent supply of laughs." --Publishers Weekly