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Riding the Nightmare by Lisa Tuttle

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Trade Paperback.

Over the past few decades, Lisa Tuttle has quietly established her place as one of today's very best writers of weird and horror fiction. Her previous collection, The Dead Hours of Night, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, and now she is back with this new volume containing twelve more unsettling tales.

In 'Bits and Pieces', a woman is surprised to find her lover has left behind his foot in her bed, but it's only the first of many macabre mementoes. 'The Wound' tells of a platonic friendship between two male coworkers that begins to turn into something very different when one of them notices he has started to bleed. The protagonist of 'The Hungry Hotel' is contacted years later by an old one-night stand and goes to meet him at a strange hotel, with unforeseen consequences. These and nine other weird and often frightening tales showcase Lisa Tuttle's unique ability to disturb and unnerve her readers.

This collection also includes the rare novella 'The Dragon's Bride', newly revised and expanded for this edition, and an introduction by Neil Gaiman, who has called Lisa Tuttle 'the finest practitioner of unsettling fiction writing today'.