Return to Magonia: Investigating UFOs in History by Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough
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Return to Magonia: Investigating UFOs in History by Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough

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Trade paperback format.  Foreword by Jacques Vallee, includes 192 Illustrations


People have always been fascinated by lights in the sky. Early astronomers and astrologers, medieval pamphleteers, scientists, navigators, and weather observers, all recorded sightings of strange phenomena. The question is: Were these the same as our modern UFOs?

The authors of Return to Magonia have taken a serious, critical look at some of those sightings. Using modern resources and tools, they dissect more than 20 fascinating cases from the last 500 years, showing that reality can be more interesting than any popular catch-all theory. They discover that UFOs in history are as intriguing, as entertaining, and often as baffling as they are today.

In this unique and challenging book you will read about:
• the flat "plate" seen over a 17th-century Swedish city, leaving witnesses stricken with an unknown sickness;
• a fiery object that landed beside a road in Ohio, piloted by a mysterious man in black;
• a weird blue ball of fire that devastated a British navy ship;
• the Minnesota doctor who saw a disk of "electric" light floating across the fields;
• and a formation of locomotive-sized "eggs" that descended on an Australian town shortly after World War II.

Combining science, history, and a broad knowledge of the UFO field, Martin Shough and Chris Aubeck set a new standard for UFO research and shed light on one of the oldest recorded mysteries in human experience.

About the Authors:

CHRIS AUBECK is the founder of the historical research group Magonia Exchange,
an international archival project. He is the author of a dozen articles in English and
Spanish, contributes to radio programs in Spain, and delivers talks on the subject of the evolution of UFOs as cultural history. He is the co-author of Wonders in the Sky (2010) with Jacques Vallee and OOPARTS: Objetos Fuera de su Tiempo (2015) with Juan José Sanchez-Oro. In May 2015, he organized the first two-day conference on historical UFOs, “The Inhabited Sky,” in La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Aubeck currently lives in Andalusia.

MARTIN SHOUGH is a Research Associate for National Aviation Reporting
Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP). He has been involved in a number of
notable sighting investigations and is author or co-author of various papers and other publications, including: “Radar and the UFO” (1987); “A Review of Radar UAP Contact Reports Generally Related to Aviation Safety” (NARCAP, 2002); “A Social History of Ball Lightning” (2003/2014); “Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena Observed Near Channel Islands, UK,” (2008, with Baure, Clarke and Fuller); “Radar Cross-Section of a Sphere” (2009); “Spheres in Airborne UAP Imagery” (2009, with Ballester-Olmos); “Study of an Unusual Phenomenon Observed by BOAC Aircrew over Labrador, Newfoundland” (2009); and “Double Trouble: e Science & Superstition of Multiple Suns” (2011). He has been a photolithographer, graphic designer, and gallery owner. He lives in the Highlands of Scotland