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Orchard of the Dead & Other Macabre Tales by Stefan Grabinski

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Trade Paperback.

A new collection of original translations by a legendary writer of weird fiction often compared to Poe and Lovecraft

Stefan Grabinski has a legendary status in the field of weird fiction and has been referred to as "the Polish Poe" or "the Polish Lovecraft". Yet aside from a very expensive and now out-of-print limited edition from Centipede Press, very little of his work has been available to English readers. This new collection of all-new translations by Anthony Sciscione includes several stories that have never appeared in any English version before as well as classic tales that have previously been inaccessible to most readers.

In 'At Sarah's House', a man watches his friend wasting away before his eyes under the spell of a beautiful but deadly woman. In 'Burning Ground', a man defies local superstition with terrible consequences when he decides to build a home on a site where every previous dwelling has burned to the ground. The title story, 'Orchard of the Dead', tells of the otherworldly happenings at a children's graveyard full of trees laden with luscious fruit. And in the highlight of the collection, 'Szatera's Engrams', a stationmaster becomes obsessed with lingering echoes of a deadly train wreck and grows convinced that he knows a terrible means of bringing his beloved back from the other side.

With thirteen tales that feature Stefan Grabinski's favorite themes of passion and death - some appearing in English for the first time - this volume will be welcomed by the author's long-time admirers as well as those seeking the perfect introduction to his work. This edition includes a new introduction by a modern-day master of the weird, Brian Evenson.