One Who Was With Me by Conrad Williams - hardcvr
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One Who Was With Me by Conrad Williams - hardcvr

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Hardcover format.  A gorgeous edition, limited to 500 numbered hardcovers, offset printed, Smyth sewn, bound in cloth, with fine endpapers and paper, and signed by Williams.  Part of Earthling's annual Halloween series.  Cover and interior artwork by Chris Nurse.

After a violent burglary, Joe Weaver and his family flee to a crumbling farmhouse in the south of France. There, they attempt to rebuild their lives. Joe has an idea for a new novel triggered by an atrocity that occurred toward the end of the Second World War. His wife concentrates on developing her business as an antique furniture restorer, breathing new life into dead things. Their five-year-old daughter makes friends with a blood-red ghost. And the house begins to shed its skins.…