Old West UFOs 1865-1895 by Noe Torres & John LeMay
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Old West UFOs 1865-1895 by Noe Torres & John LeMay

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Trade paperback format.  The REAL Cowboys & Aliens!

In the mid to late 1800s, America's farmers, ranchers, and cowboys looked up into the sky and beheld "signs and wonders" that rival any UFO sighting of the modern era! They saw huge aerial vessels flying overhead and bizarre humanoids that could only be described as "not of this Earth."

They witnessed UFO crashes, Men in Black, technology that seemed to be from centuries in the future, alien abductions, underwater UFOs, mile-long airships that we now call motherships, and much, much more.In this book, you will discover that truth is stranger than any fiction created by Hollywood screenwriters!

About our book series, UFO researcher Nick Pope says, "If you think the UFO mystery began in 1947 with flying saucers and the Roswell crash, think again. This fascinating, data-rich book explores a wealth of intriguing incidents that were formerly interpreted through the lens of folklore, but which could now lead to a fundamental reappraisal of the greatest mystery of the modern age.

With the focus on the Nineteenth Century, this delightful tome shines a light on a slice of American history that shows truth really can be stranger than fiction."