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Native Plants for Your Maine Garden by Maureen Heffernan

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Oversized trade paperback.

Savvy gardeners include native plants in their landscaping because they know these species are hardy, disease-resistant, noninvasive, and beneficial to wildlife. Most important for gardeners--they offer natural beauty that ranges from subtle to supremely eye-catching. More than 140 native perennials, grasses, groundcovers, ferns, shrubs, vines, and trees are profiled and pictured in Native Plants for Your Maine Garden, along with advice on choosing the best plants for a variety of locations. To help you get started, there are sample plans for a woodland border and a garden designed to attract birds and butterflies. There's no one more qualified to discuss superior native plants for Maine gardens than Maureen Heffernan, former executive director of the acclaimed Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where native plants thrive in a variety of landscaped settings.

❊Plants for dry or wet soils ❊Screens and hedges ❊Plants for shade and part shade ❊Deer-resistant species ❊Plants that attract birds and butterflies ❊Sample garden plans ❊Design principles ❊Planting and garden maintenance tips ❊Hardiness zone maps ❊Sources for native plants