Mysterious America by Loren Coleman
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Mysterious America by Loren Coleman

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Trade paperback format.  Highly recommended!  An amazing journey through America's little known histories, filled with unsolved mysteries.

Bestselling author and noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman set out on the ultimate mission: to uncover the fun and intriguing phenomena that exist right here in the United States. In Mysterious America, a fun and compulsively readable guidebook to America's most popular local legends, he prepares readers for their own adventure -- where to find the unbelievable spectacles on their journey, including:

    • Phantom panthers haunting eastern North America
    • Bay State ghosts and spirits
    • Mad gassers in Illinois
    • Champ, the famous Lake Champlain monster
    • The Minnesota Iceman
    • The Missouri Momo and the infamous Eastern Bigfoot
  • And many more!

Coleman's witty insight and astonishing experiences will captivate followers of Charles Fort and just-plain-curious readers alike. For, as Coleman frankly reveals, these strange creatures and unimaginable wonders may lie just beyond your own backyard....