Mosses of the Northern Forest by Jerry Jenkins
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Mosses of the Northern Forest by Jerry Jenkins

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Oversize trade paperback format. Full color images throughout.

The Northern Forest Region lies between the oak forests of the eastern United States and the boreal forests of eastern Canada. It is, collectively, one of the largest and most continuous temperate forests left in the world and, like much of the biosphere, it is at risk. This guide is an essential companion for those interested in stewardship and conservation of the region.

With multi-image composite photos that allow for unparalleled depth and clarity, this unique guide illustrates the myriad varied and beautiful—and often overlooked—mosses of the Northern Forest.

Large, easy-to-use format
Easily characterize and compare over 300 moss species
High-definition composite images, ecological diagrams, habitat keys, and a visual glossary
Accompanying large-scale foldout charts also available

A complete online archive of images and articles, including digital atlases, is available at