Monster She Wrote #3: The Dead Hours of Night by Lisa Tuttle
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Monster She Wrote #3: The Dead Hours of Night by Lisa Tuttle

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Trade paperback format. 

The Dead Hours of Night by Lisa Tuttle
Monster, She Wrote #3

Introduction by
Lisa Kröger

In a career spanning almost 50 years, Lisa Tuttle has proven herself a master of the weird tale, and now this new collection of twelve unsettling stories – some never previously collected – offers readers a chance to discover some of her finest work.

In ‘Replacements’, a woman adopts a monstrous pet, with unforeseen consequences. In ‘Born Dead’, a stillborn child mysteriously continues to grow just like a living one. ‘My Pathology’ (whose ending Thomas Tessier has cited as one of the best in the history of horror) explores the sinister results of a couple’s alchemical experiments. And a book lover in ‘The Book That Finds You’ has her life changed in strange ways by the discovery of a rare horror book at a second-hand bookshop. In these weird and chilling tales, Tuttle is at her diabolical best.

This edition features an introduction by Lisa Kröger, and each story is specially introduced by the author.


‘Objects in Dreams May Be Closer Than They Appear’ (2011)
‘Closet Dreams’ (2007)
‘Born Dead’ (2013)
‘Replacements’ (1992)
‘A Birthday’ (1993)
‘My Pathology’ (1998)
‘Food Man’ (1994)
‘Mr Elphinstone’s Hands’ (1990)
‘The Dream Detective’ (2013)
‘Where the Stones Grow’ (1980)
‘Vegetable Love’ (2017)
‘The Book That Finds You’ (2015)