Left in the Dark: The Supernatural Tales of John Gordon - hardcvr
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Left in the Dark: The Supernatural Tales of John Gordon - hardcvr

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Hardcover format.  Limited edition of 500 copies.  Gorgeously bound!  John Gordon is one of my favorite weird fiction authors.

Since his first novel, The Giant Under the Snow, was published in 1968 to critical acclaim, John Gordon has always written about that misunderstood frontier between adolescence and adulthood -- and the sometimes dark borderlands that reside there as well. With a knack for choosing the perfect word, the right balance of plot and character, and the appropriate amount of shudders, Mr. Gordon continues to be one of the most celebrated fantasists working in the field today.

For the first time, thirty of Mr. Gordon's superlative tales have been gathered for this career-spanning collection. From the creeping menace of "Grandmother's Footsteps" and the squirming horror of the "Eels" to the searing touch of "The Burning Baby," these excursions into the darker corners of life and death will send a proper chill up the spine. In addition to the twenty-nine previously-released stories, a chilling new tale, "The Night Watch," has been written expressly for this volume.

Although Mr. Gordon has been writing supernatural and fantasy tales for over four decades, receiving the highest praise in his home country, there hasn't been a definitive collection of his best twilight tales . . . until now.

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