Jack McMorrow #6: Cover Story by Gerry Boyle
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Jack McMorrow #6: Cover Story by Gerry Boyle

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Trade paperback format.

It's been seven years since Jack McMorrow moved to small-town Maine. Seven years of stringing stories and murders together in the backwoods has been an adventure, sure, but it has also meant a big dent in the paycheck.

In this, the sixth installment of Islandport's updated and revised paperback and e-book editions of the internationally best-selling Jack McMorrow series, the mast head has changed at the New York Times, and Jack is invited back to cover his old Metro beat.

Unsure at first, Jack quickly finds his feet, moving swiftly into the incessant hustle and flow of the city. Then, the Mayor is murdered in a hotel restroom, and Jack gets the ultimate cover story or so he thinks. But the phone is ringing and the questions aren't friendly. Jack is about to become the prime suspect in his own story.

Called an "outstanding crime novel" by Booklist when it was first published in 2000, Cover Story is Boyle at his best.