Jack McMorrow #5: Borderline by Gerry Boyle
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Jack McMorrow #5: Borderline by Gerry Boyle

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Trade paperback format.

On a travel story about Benedict Arnold, freelance reporter Jack McMorrow traces the route of the infamous historical figure up the Kennebec River into Quebec, Canada. When a man fails to rejoin his bus tour in the Northern Maine town of Scanesett, Jack makes a pit stop there to help authorities find him and soon finds himself entangled with a bunch of lethal small-town hoods who make bad sport of the weak and defenseless.

Threatened, beaten up, and forced into a terrifying game of redneck hide-and-seek, McMorrow faces his most ruthless criminals yet.

This, the fifth installment of Islandport s updated and revised paperback and e-book editions of the internationally best-selling Jack McMorrow series, takes its readers across state lines into the tangled world of mistaken identities, traitorous dealings, and a dangerous hunt for a man no one seems to know much about. Originally published in 1998, Islandport's edition includes new introduction by author.