Jack McMorrow #4: Potshot by Gerry Boyle
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Jack McMorrow #4: Potshot by Gerry Boyle

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Trade paperback format.

Predicting the days of marijuana legalization, this, the fourth McMorrow story, delves deep into backwoods growing and drug dealing, and the damage it can do when big, urban traffickers enter the picture. Jack alternates between the back-to-landers living communally on the outskirts of Florence, Maine, and confrontations with urban gangsters moving in on the product and the people who Jack has come to know.

Library Journal says, "Along with snappy dialog that propels the story, Boyle presents an ensemble of likable characters. A sure thing for anyone who has enjoyed Robert Parker s Spenser." Cronies at a county fair, an assassination attempt, and hostages are only a few of the challenges McMorrow has to face in this fast-paced addition to the McMorrow legacy.