Jack McMorrow #11: Straw Man by Gerry Boyle
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Jack McMorrow #11: Straw Man by Gerry Boyle

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Trade paperback format.

In this, the eleventh installment of the bestselling Jack McMorrow Mystery Series, McMorrow's nose for trouble sets him on the trail of an illegal gun sale pipeline linking private gun owners in Maine with a rash of homicides in Boston.

Caught up in the action is a young Mennonite farm boy, who, while questioning his faith and his future, falls in with the wrong crowd. Add to this potent mix a run-in with a gang of local thugs, which leaves Roxanne the target of a violent sex offender intent on exacting his revenge. Never before has Jack faced so many threats on so many fronts, with the most destructive being his own tendency for violence and the havoc it wreaks on those he loves most.

In this nonstop page turner, Boyle is at his best and most provocative. Straw Man asks the ultimate question: How far would you go to protect a way of life you love?