In Search of and Others by Will Ludwigsen
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In Search of and Others by Will Ludwigsen

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Trade paperback format.  Recommended!

A house inches eight hundred miles to confess its horrible crime. The last resident of a mental institution discovers he’s not alone. A middle-schooler performs an experiment to determine how much time we fit in dreams. Boys looking for wonder find more than they’re expecting in the Adirondacks with Charles Fort. A detective learns everything he’s ever wanted to know…and some things he hasn’t. In Will Ludwigsen’s stories, the universe has a way of being weird in just the ways we need it to be. There are answers to many of our deepest questions…and they’re usually far more personal and mysterious than we expect.  What are you in search of? And what is in search of you?

Kirkus Reviews names In Search Of and Others as one of the Best Books of 2013! And the book was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Collection.