Historical Bigfoot by Chad Arment

Historical Bigfoot by Chad Arment

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A great resource for those interested in historic Bigfoot records, most drawn painstakingly from old, obscure newspaper articles.  A fascinating read!  Highly recommended!  348 pgs.

Trade paperback format.

The Historical Bigfoot covers sightings of Wild Men, Gorillas, Yahoos, and What-Is-It's, from the early 1800s to the 1940s. Before the term "Bigfoot" was coined to signify an unknown species of North American primate, sightings of towering bipedal apes were reported throughout the continent, but called a variety of names. This book compiles and sorts the most significant sightings, but also provides a look at hoaxes, misidentifications, and the influential perspective of newspaper editors as they dealt with reports of a strange hairy manlike ape.