Haunted Toys by David Weatherly & Ross Allison
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Haunted Toys by David Weatherly & Ross Allison

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Trade paperback format.  Great way to lose sleep at night.  :D

Toys.  They are symbols of joy, innocence and comfort; the very expression of childhood. At least, most of the time. On occasion, some beloved objects can take a creepy, even sinister turn.

Join David Weatherly and Ross Allison as they step inside the world of Haunted Toys. Here you will find unnerving games that skirt the edges of darkness, antiques with spirits that have never let them go, locations where ghosts still play with toys and, of course, creepy dolls that are a bit too lifelike.

Filled with creepy, artistic images that will spark the imagination, Haunted Toys will give you a new perspective on those joyous toys of your youth.  Come and play.