Handbook of Knots by Raoul Graumont
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Handbook of Knots by Raoul Graumont

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Small paperback format.  Illustrated throughout.

This handbook serves as a practical guide for all phases of knot techniques—both practical and decorative in purpose. Much more than a reference work, the handbook leads the interested reader to the mastery of an artistic and absorbing hobby. Common types of work knots, such as hitches, sheepshanks, and bowlines are demonstrated along with a good explanation of blocks and tackle. There are sections on sennet braiding, ornamental designs, lashings, securing hawsers, boatswain's chair, hammock making, and various ties which provide an excellent foundation for understanding and executing general knot work and weaving.The detailed illustrations and clearly written text in this small book make knot tying easy for the beginner. More than 400 knots for all types of outdoor activities, crafts, trades, hobbies, and handicrafts are indexed by name and use, and illustrated