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PFH #19 : Finishing Touches by Thomas Tessier

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Trade Paperback.  The 19th entry in the Paperbacks from Hell imprint.

On an extended holiday in London, Dr. Tom Sutherland befriends the genial but mysterious Dr. Nordhagen and falls into a wild love affair with his assistant, the exotic Lina Ravachol. Bewitched by her sexual sorcery, Tom follows her deeper and deeper into forbidden fantasies and dark pleasures. But fantasy turns to nightmare when he discovers Dr. Nordhagen's basement laboratory, a secret chamber where cruelty, desire, and madness combine to form the ultimate evil.

This new edition of Thomas Tessier's Finishing Touches (1986) features a new introduction by Will Errickson and the cover painting by Chris Moore from the original UK edition.

"Seductive and compulsively readable." - Publishers Weekly

"Splendidly evocative - even mesmerizing." - Booklist

"Thomas Tessier is one of those writers who can find the unexpected poetry and subtlety in horror." - Peter Straub