Fanged Dandelion by Eric Larocca
Independently Published

Fanged Dandelion by Eric Larocca

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Slender trade paperback format.

A dark and deeply wounding portrait of a young queer man on the verge of splintering apart, ‘Fanged Dandelion’ is a nightmarish odyssey that delves into the bowels of the human mind - a frightening exploration of the caskets we build inside our heads…"The beautiful and dark vivid visuals, dreamscapes and memories that Eric LaRocca paints masterfully in Fanged Dandelion offer a deep intensity. LaRocca’s compelling poetry demands our attention, to look at the lovely dandelion in our hands, its cheerful and bright petals and to then submit as it sinks its sharp teeth into our skin. This is a collection by a fantastic and emerging voice in horror poetry, one that all of us should be reading."– Cynthia Pelayo, author of poetry collections Poems of My Night and Into the Forest and All the Way Through(with a cover by Adrian Baldwin)

Illustrations by Dave Dick