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Edge by Koji Suzuki

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Trade Paperback.


Now in paperback! The author of the Ring trilogy that spawned blockbuster movies on both sides of the Pacific presents a new level of terror with an apocalyptic work that casts the very earth and skies into doubt.

When a team of American scientists tests new computer hardware by calculating the value of pi into the deep decimals, the figures begin to repeat a pattern where there ought to be none. It's mathematically untenable--unless the physical constants that undergird our universe have altered, ever so slightly...

A cascade of missing persons reports, far from being supernatural, threatens to be perfectly natural--a profound disturbance in being itself--and explodes into a mind trip of a crescendo in this tale of quantum horror.

Koji Suzuki, born in 1957, held numerous odd jobs after college including a stint as a tutor. The father of two daughters, he's also known in his native Japan for his guides on child rearing, an expertise he acquired as a struggling writer and househusband. Edge is his eighth work to appear in English.

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